Join Us At The RENT 2017 Exhibition!

Come meet us in booth G10 at the RENT 2017 exhibition for a demo!

Le salon des nouvelles technologies et de l'immobilier
The RENT 2017 Exhibition in Paris

The high-tech event for real estate

The Real Estate & New Technologies (RENT) exhibition opens its doors on 11 and 12 October in the Grand Hall of la Villette, 211 avenue Jean Jaurès in Paris, France. Every year, the RENT successfully takes up the double challenge of connecting:

  • Innovative technologies with real estate professions,
  • The companies that make up the real estate industry of today and tomorrow.

The creators of the RENT exhibition foresaw the “startup phenomenon” and the arrival of digital innovations for the real estate world.

The RENT is the only meeting place for real estate companies such as Internet media groups, software publishers, startups and real estate professionals. During this unique event, the future of real estate professions is decided.

Startups in the spotlight

The 2017 vintage will be exceptional with the introduction of new technologies like Kadran, which sets up Dutch auctions, and IMMO SQUARE, the marketplace with the best real estate applications.

Disruptive technologies will also be presented at the Real Estate and New Technologies exhibition. For instance, Solen measures the luminosity in apartments and Kelfoncier is an innovative land search tool.

The RENT 2017 will also introduce artificial intelligence into the heart of real estate.

Artificial intelligence, a friend of real estate

RENT also includes talks and demonstrations. The first talk will tackle artificial intelligence and its advantages for real estate professionals. In our booth, we will seize this opportunity to introduce a disruptive innovation that speeds up real estate agencies’ digital processes and business.

By leveraging Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automatically write real estate ads enhanced with contextual and valuable data, Deep Flow Realty, the artificial intelligence for real estate professionals, becomes real estate brokers’ best ally.

L'intelligence artificielle est complémentaire aux métiers de l'immobilier
Artificial intelligence improves real estate agents’ business performance.

We invite you to join us in booth G10 of the Startup Village at RENT 2017 to discuss the advantages and the potential of artificial intelligence for real estate professionals.

An AI for real estate