Social Media For Real Estate: A Revolution

The crème de la crème for publishing ads on social media

On the one hand, Virtual visit automatically publishes real estate videos on social media. On the other, Deep Flow Realty automatically writes descriptions for such videos to save real estate professionals time. Combining these two technologies gives you the very best of automated publication for real estate ads on social media and will change the way real estate professionals use social media. Let us tell you how this innovative solution came to be.

Two real estate startups working together

Startups, like the human brain, have a remarkable quality: they are tensile, dynamic, in perpetual motion. They regenerate every morning, every night. Sometimes two startups build something together and come up with a service offer to meet a customer need that doesn’t exist yet. This is what happened between service platform Social Immo and real estate ad writing solution Deep Flow Realty.

A technology for automatically publishing videos on social media

With Social Immo, publishing real estate ads on social media is easy as pie. It automatically increases real estate professionals’ visibility to provide information to their Facebook friends or fans and their Twitter followers, and to create videos that can be easily shared on YouTube.

Today, publishing real estate ads on social media is no longer merely an option: it is necessary. Virtual visit are powerful tools that implement accurate targeting algorithms. Their virality power increases every year, with numbers that make your head spin:

  • Facebook: 30 million active users – who can all access the Facebook Real Estate marketplace,
  • YouTube: used by 50% of the French population,
  • Twitter: daily flows of over 500 million tweets.

So how can you more easily write real estate texts for social media, especially for Facebook Real Estate? How can we make it easier for you to write texts to accompany videos on social media and offer even more relevant services? To answer these questions, Virtual visit and Deep Flow Realty decided to combine their knowhows.

Writing real estate ads for social media

This unique service offered by Social Immo and artificial intelligence Deep Flow Realty is a first-class innovation that meets a significant challenge to the advantage of real estate professionals. Combining Deep Flow Realty’s solution – which automatically writes ads formatted specifically for social media – with Social Immo’s technology opens new perspectives for social media use in the real estate profession. A genuine innovation of use and a technology disruption that speeds up ad publishing processes for real estate properties.

We look forward to showing you this innovation in action during the RENT 2017 exhibition!